Sports Monster is excited to announce that Volo has acquired the Denver market!

Starting this Fall, all Sports Monster players will need to register through Volo's website (there will be no more Sport Monster leagues offered moving forward:

Volo will still offer competitive Soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and competitive Basketball at Denver University.

All of your favorite sports are also offered including Flag Football, Kickball, Softball, Volleyball, and more!

Email for any questions or inquiries.

Thank you for playing with us for all of these years!

- Sports Monster Family.




I am new to Sports Monster and I want to play, how do I find more information about upcoming leagues?   


A: To find upcoming programs, you can either click the sport you want to play via the drop down menu labeled “Sports.” OR you can click what you want to do on the right menu via “Leagues,” “Tournaments” or “Social Events.” All will direct you to what programs are coming up.

What levels do you offer?


A: Levels vary by sport. We like to have fun with naming levels such as “Bumper” for lower intermediate volleyball and “Hacker” for rec tennis, etc.

What is the minimum number of players I need to start a team?


A: As captain, you control your roster and can have as few or as many as you would like. You do need to have a minimum number of players to avoid forfeit but we recommend having a “Standard” roster size as we show on each league description. To participate in playoffs, you MUST have a complete roster online.

What is the cost per team?


A: The cost per team varies by sport and by location. We recommend captains divide the cost by the standard roster size and invite that many players to your team and use the Team Payer option so players pay for their spot directly. If you have a smaller roster, adjust the per person cost accordingly when using Team Payer.

What is the minimum age requirement?


A: The minimum age is 19 for all Sports Monster leagues and 21 for all Sports Monster/Social Monster events.

What is the deadline for registration?


A: Registration closes upon a program selling out or the day the program starts. We may accept teams up thru the 2nd week of play. If you see a program still accepting registrations, it is.

Do I have to have a team to register?


A: Not at all! We welcome individuals, but we do require that you be flexible on when and where you can play. Register for your top choice and list your 2nd and 3rd (if available) for same sport and skill level. Men and Women have to be okay to play coed or same sex formats. If you can ONLY play the one option, form a team as we cannot guarantee placement.

Can I be placed on a team with my friend(s) or coworker(s)?


A: Absolutely! To be placed with friends or co-workers, simply answer the question when registering. We will then match you up with those folks. Do try to have everyone sign up around the same time so that same team placement is most likely.

What is the refund policy?


A: If a team cannot be placed in your first choice, we provide option to move to another location/day if available or provide full refund. For an individual not placed in any of their top three choices, we will offer alternatives or provide full refund. Individual registrants who do not provide three choices, when available, may be placed in the next available same sport/skill level that season and are not eligible for any refund or credit consideration.