Sports Monster is excited to announce that Volo has acquired the Denver market!

Starting this Fall, all Sports Monster players will need to register through Volo's website (there will be no more Sport Monster leagues offered moving forward:

Save money now and sign up for your leagues by August 13th for early bird registration!

Volo will still offer competitive Soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and competitive Basketball at Denver University.

All of your favorite sports are also offered including Flag Football, Kickball, Softball, Volleyball, and more!

Matt Varville will still be around as an Operations Manager. If you have any questions regarding the new change, feel free to email him at

Thank you for playing with us for all of these years!

- Sports Monster Family.

No More Monster Leagues

There will be no more Sport Monster leagues in Denver. 

Covid-19 Program Changes

Covid-19 Program Changes

With the resumption of league and event programming back in June 2020, there are a number of changes you should expect when you participate.The following is a sampling of changes now in effect and will continue to be in effect heading into 2021:

  • All players MUST be on that team's accepted online roster to participate.
  • Any player not on that team's accepted online roster shall not be allowed to play.
  • Subs must be on a team's accepted online roster.
  • All players must wear masks when not in active competition depending on league location. *Note that some facilities require players to wear masks while playing according to local guidelines.
  • Umpires/Scorekeepers/Monitors are to wear masks at all times.
  • Referees are to wear masks when not on field/court.
  • Onsite temperature checks at indoor facilities are required for all players and must be marked okay to play
  • When off court or off field, players must maintain proper social distancing
  • No team coolers allowed/no shared beverages.
  • No high fives/handshakes/spitting/chewing
  • Fans/spectators are limited or barred. This includes children and spouses. Please check with your league's details or give us a call.
  • The number of players allowed onsite may be limited by facility.


Please note that requirements may vary by location and may be updated at any time.

Upcoming Events and Tournaments!

Upcoming Events and Tournaments!

It's time to have some fun!

New Summer Tournaments will be available soon!


Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, and more!


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Leagues and Tournaments All Year


Are you a gamer? Sports Monster has partnered with Mission Control - a leading company in college and and recreational esports - to provide you new opportunities to play and win prizes. 


Compete in head-to-head matchups via leagues and tournaments. Try your skills against Sports Monsters from across the country.


Titles include:

-    Fortnite

-    Call of Duty Warzone Solos

-    Modern Warfare (2v2 Gunfight, 2v2 tourney)
-    FIFA 20
-    Madden 20
-    Rocket League (2v2, 3v3)
-    NHL 20
-    NBA 2K20

-    MLB The Show 20

Join hundreds of other Sports Monsters in rec or competitive play for weekend tournaments and month long leagues. Download the app today - Click Here!


Individual Players Welcome!


We will get you playing!


New to the area? Don't have enough to form a full team? Or is it just time to get a new set of friends? One of the hallmarks of Sports Monster is that we actively promote individuals to register for leagues as we create entirely new teams from scratch.


Most leagues do not welcome individuals or groups but Sports Monster does! You can sign up solo, with a friend or as part of a group and we will get you playing 95% of the time. If we cannot get you onto a team, then you will receive a full refund.


There must be a catch, right? Okay, there is. You need to be flexible.

 - Supply and demand of individuals varies by season. So we cannot guarantee first choice placement.

 - We require you provide a 2nd and 3rd option in same sport/skill when available

 - If you cannot be flexible, we recommend you form your own team


CLICK HERE for list of upcoming leagues.



Sports Monster Kids



Summer Sports Camps!


Are the kids tired of sitting at home? Get them out for some fun this summer with our first ever Sports Monster kids camp! Our campers will either have some fun in the sun at our Sports Monster Kids Soccer Camp or hoop it up at our Sports Monster Kids Basketball camp.


Our 3 and 5 day camps will include fun and educational drills to teach campers to get them ready to play. Groups for drill and daily games will be split up by ages from 6-8, 9-10 and 11-12.


Is the sport going to be a new experience? No problem! Our camps are run by energetic and friendly counselors who are committed to helping each camper, no matter the skill level.


After drills and lunch - that's right, lunch is included! - campers will get to use their new skills in a game to end each day.


All camps will include Covid-19 safety guidelines following local and state regulations. Tell your friends too! Want more info? Click Here!