Sports Monster is pending a final decision on whether December Holiday Leagues will run. An email will be sent out to all teams/players on Friday with league updates.

Thank you.
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Kickball is on hiatus for now...


You ready to kick?


We are but we are going to wait until 2021 to re-launch this sport. Still lots of other fun things to play - Basketball, Football, Bowling, Softball and Soccer!


For your future Kickball reference - LOTS of people sign up as individuals. So get yourself, your friends (we will put you on same team) or your full team in.


Sports Monster Kickball is a 6 guy/4 gal field squad. You can play more gals. And you can kick unlimited roster as long as it is guy/gal/guy/gal after 10th kicker. And, unlike some leagues out there, umpire fees are INCLUDED.


How it works:

6 Game regular season

Single elimination playoffs

Coed Format 6 Male/ 4 Females on the field

Champions win a trophy, t-shirts, $100 off next registration, or $100 bar tab